Goal Setting at Space Cadet

We find goal setting to be very important when it comes to our staff for their personal development as well as when we are setting goals for Space Cadet. At the beginning of the year we sat down with the whole team and hashed out what we all wanted as a small business as well as come up with what we want our personal goals to be for the year.

Goal setting can be a daunting task, but taking the time to jot down your vision and desired life, makes day to day work, activities and even setting boundaries simpler. And by simpler, we mean you’re not waiting around for things to be the way you want them. You’re taking your life and dreams into your own hands.

Steps we take during our goal setting session are:

  1. Write down Values
  2. Mind Map - what is does health/personal life/career look and mean to me?
  3. Creating a visual representation of our Balance Wheel
  4. Identifying where we are rich and where we want more in our life
  5. Finding out where we need to be more generous with ourselves
  6. Writing down what we want versus what we don’t want
  7. Writing a story of what our life looks, feels and sounds like in ten years
  8. Pulling from our values, desires/wants/needs and ten year story we can identify what our goals are

The first step we find really important in the goal setting process is listing out all your values. By creating a list of 30 - don’t worry you can have similar words, like education and learning - you are able to determine what is truly important to you. After you write 30, pick the top five and focus on those while setting your goals.

Values are the things that we find important but we sometimes compromise. Think about where you honor your values and where you tend to neglect them. Finding out where we honor and neglect, helps us become aware of how we may not be providing for ourselves. Knowing this will help with setting your goals.

The next step is to know what ideal health, personal life and career looks like and means to you. For our Flight Systems Technician, Ciara, it looks like this:

Defining what is important in these areas shows that maybe sweating daily or weekly is a way you want to better yourself, or connecting with friends is important and a phone call to one of your besties is needed once a week.

Our favorite part is picturing yourself 10 years from now and imaging the life you want to have. Does that mean that every morning your sipping your coffee after a workout and meditation session? Are you sleeping with two well trained dogs? Are you single or married? Imagining what you want helps us create goals that are measurable to obtain.

The last, but MOST important part is defining these goals. When setting your list of goals, it’s best to work backwards. If in 10 years, you want to be owning a business what steps do you need to work on to get there. For the first year does that look like working for an employer that’s going to mentor you our help you set a foundation? Then in five years are you purchasing your LLC and working alone? Are you saving money to travel the world? Here is an example of goals with measurable objectives:

Now that we have some of the basic steps of creating goals, we’re off! Checking in on your goals weekly, bi-weekly or monthly is the most important part. The first few weeks are going to be a challenge, but when you’re one step closer to your dreams a big pat on the back is deserved!

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