House plant fertilizer, make your house plants happy and thriving


Make your plants happy and thriving

Taking care of houseplants can be easy depending on the plant but gets easier with time and understanding your plants. They don’t require much besides the appropriate amount of sunlight and water, but to make your plants even happier and healthier adding fertilizer is a great thing to consider. 

What is fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a manmade mixture of different compounds that plants absorb to get their nutrients and have healthy growth cycles. Many have compounds of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Plants thrive when it comes to nitrogen, they use in the synthesis of proteins,  hormones and nucleic acids.


What fertilizer to use for houseplants

There are many companies that don’t source the compounds ethically, but Plant Vitamins makes sure that their fertilizer is 100% organic, sustainably sourced, bottled by hand and they guarantee results. When we came across this brand, we knew we had to add them to our shop! 

You can purchase either the Boost or Thrive. Boost sustains and helps healthy new leaves and roots to develop. It’s made with 100% organic hydrolyzed fish. Hydrolyzed fish contains amino acids and proteins and organic molecules that help promote healthy living for plants. Thrive is like a multivitamin for your plant. It provides 60+ minals, vitamins and active growth hormones. Both of these fertilizers can be used together to create a duo team of happy plant vibes. 

Do air plants need fertilizer?

Air plants are unique and cool in the sense that they don’t require soil and only require a good soaking about once to twice a week. (We found a great watering tip article that you can read here.) But when it comes to their health, there are fertilizers out that are designed to help keep those airy plants thriving.


Using fertilizer on air plants helps keep them living their best life. It helps them absorb the nutrients that they need, encourage blooming and growth. They only need to be sprayed once a month, depending on the brand you use. Always make sure to read the instructions because if they are over fertilized they can get nitrogen burns and die. We found this air plant fertilizer from Savvie Studio and they recommend spritzing your air plant every one to two weeks.


Care for your house plants

There is no shame if your plants don’t seem to be thriving. You can always take a picture and send them to us via Instagram and we can give you some plant parenting advice. 

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