Outer Space is fun to visit, but we don't want to live there. We strive to reduce our footprint across our business and create a lasting impact on the world.

Our mission is zero waste retail.  We aim to innovate sustainable practices that are adoptable by all retailers.


Specifically, we shall adopt the following policies and practices:


  1. Reuse is the New Recycle
  • Strive to find an additional use for all recyclable material & waste
  1. Shred Tahoe
  • Shred any & all things that will fit in our material shredder for use as packing material
  1. Compost
  • Anything that you would put in your body goes in the compost bin, not the garbage.
  1. Be Better Every Day
  • If you can make small incremental changes in your life each day, your sustainability efforts will improve exponentially.
  1. Respect Gets Respect
  • As a retailer, we support brands that put sustainability first.
  1. Single Use is For Suckers
  • Avoid bringing single use plastic into the buildings at all costs.
  1. Educate, Not Dictate
  • Our goal is sustainable operations through creativity, and collaboration. We want to educate others on the ‘how’ of sustainability, not dictate ‘why’ it’s important
  1. The Earth is What We All Have in Common
  • We connect with our fellow humans regardless of race, gender, political view, religion, etc.