Entrepreneur Night

Entrepreneur Night

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Why We Need This:

  1. We've started a business
  2. It's a chance to remind ourselves that we're not alone

    What You'll Learn:

    1. You'll learn from our mistakes and success' in building a business
    2. As entrepreneurs, we all struggle.  
    3. There's only 1 rule for success: don't quit.

    We want to make sure that spaces booked for our workshops get used-even when they are free. We ask for a $10 deposit for free workshops; when you show up we'll return that money to you!

    Workshop Cancellation Policy

    We kindly request a 48 hour notice of cancellation.  In the event your reservation is cancelled without the benefit of a 48 hour notice, 50% of the workshop fee is eligible to be refunded.  No-show reservations are not eligible to be refunded.  Refunds will be issued in the form of store credit.