Polar Bare Art Show: Deb Dukes
Polar Bare Art Show: Deb Dukes
Polar Bare Art Show: Deb Dukes

Polar Bare Art Show: Deb Dukes

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Why We Need This:

  1. To support artists and Protect Our Winters
  2. It will look great on our wall.

What We Made

  1. We took a broken snowboard and turned it into a canvas, then we handed it over to an amazing artist.

Meet Deb Dukes 

If your life was a movie, what would the theme song be?

The soundtrack would be:

  1. Nothing to Loose by The Floozies, Gibbs, Eric Benny Bloom
  2. Boondocks by Little Big Town (most of it) 
  3. I'm A Thug by Trick Daddy (the part where the children are singing) 
  4. Prime by The Siege 
  5. The Way I Live by Baby Boy Da Prince 

What's your favorite way to be creative?

Dancing! I love expressing, moving energy and doing 'magic' when I dance. 
And channeling poetry. 
Where do you find inspiration?
I allow art to be my therapy. I set an intention to pour out the things that don't serve me anymore. I learned to use brighter colors so the angsty stuff becomes more enjoyable. This particular piece helped me process a lot of frustration. 
What are your 3 favorite feelings?
  1. I actually have learned to enjoy sadness. I understand that after I am able to feel and release the things that this body is holding, I am lighter afterwards.
  2. If appreciation is the right word leading up to a feeling, I enJOY the simplest things in life and feel so full when I'm so easily entertained.
  3. Self love is a big one. Learning to love and express myself more encourages others to feel the same about themselves and allows us to find bigger and more meaningful connection with each other. 

 Instagram: hvnly608


Polar Bare Art Show: Deb Dukes