Polar Bare Art Show: Shay @_lunatrix
Polar Bare Art Show: Shay @_lunatrix
Polar Bare Art Show: Shay @_lunatrix

Polar Bare Art Show: Shay @_lunatrix

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Why We Need This:

  1. To support artists and Protect Our Winters
  2. It will look great on our wall.

What We Made

  1. We took a broken snowboard and turned it into a canvas, then we handed it over to an amazing artist.
  2. Half the sale price will be donated to Protect Our Winters, the other half goes to the artist.

Meet Shay

Lunatrix (Sheyenne Taylor) is an artist, writer, creator, and mess-maker from Reno, NV. As someone who has been diagnosed with Bipolar II, anxiety, and ADD, she is passionate about focusing on works that explore the colorful way she views the world. Her motto is "love your crazy," and with this she aims to reduce the shame and stigma that surround the topic of mental health. She loves expressing her colorful side through fantastical and surrealist imagery, but she doesn’t shy away from equally expressing her dark side with all things odd and creepy. Her specialties include acrylic paintings and digital illustrations, but she is most inspired by mixed media works. She draws most of her inspiration from music, retro pop art, neon and nightlife, and the interconnectivity of the universe. She aspires to spend every day diving deeper into this crazy thing we call life.

Instagram: @_lunatrix
Polar Bare Art Show: Shay @_lunatrix