Painted In Dust Studios

Wood Fired Sipper

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Hayley Jane, creator of Painted in Dust Studios, is a self-taught multimedia artist specializing in ceramics. Through her artwork, she tries to bring normality to what is otherwise considered taboo: sexuality, nudity, cursing, cultural shifts, feminism, gender norms, and so much more.

She likes to create and to teach art with a purpose. Whether it's for a specific cause or just for the therapeutic process, she creates because she knows NO other way. You will find many of her ceramics serve as donations to wonderful organizations, as they also deliver happiness, laughter, and smiles from ear to ear with her raw blunt wording, and of course, the naked imagery is sure to make you blush with joy.

When she's not casting metal, throwing ceramics on the wheel, or doodling watercolors here and there, you can often find her cuddled in the arms of her two fluffy fur babies or roller skating the streets of her native Reno.