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Wool Dryer Balls

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Black Rock Refill allows consumers to practice the concepts of refuse, reuse, and refill. 

We refuse, PLASTIC. We reuse, EVERYTHING. And we refill, WHAT WE CAN. 

Black Rock Refill was inspired by the extraordinary Burning Man event held every year in Black Rock City, Nevada, with its 10 principles that participants practice while at the event. The main principle of inspiration was the eighth principle "Leave No Trace", where the participants leave no trace of waste, or existence, after exodus. The 10 principles of Burning Man are practiced within this community for 10 days out of the entire year. Why can't we practice these principles everyday of the year? 

Want to learn more about reducing your household waste? Check out this short 5 minute video on living a Waste Free Lifestyle, presented by the founder of Black Rock Refill, Samantha Romanick:

Living a Waste-Free Lifestyle